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We help with early development, sensory processing, and feeding concerns from parents and guardians.

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Why choose concierge therapy programs?

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Individualized Care

Our highly skilled team will match your child with a clinician who can provide the best possible support for your child's unique needs, as well as your family's. We create personalized therapy plans that are tailored to the individual needs of each child so they can reach their fullest potential.

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No Waitlists

Sometimes it can take weeks, if not months to get an evaluation or appointment at other clinics. NOT with the team at Healing Synergy! Our treatment programs give you the option to start receiving support right after the evaluation, and then coordinate regular appointments with our scheduling team.

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Post Discharge Care

If you’re worried about transitioning out of therapy, we have ongoing Support Packages that can help you through this transition process.

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Parent Coaching

We offer parent coaching to help you manage challenging situations at home or school.

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Control Over Scheduling

You can book, cancel and reschedule appointments online with the support of our scheduling team.

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Freedom in Care

Unlike some providers, we’re not bound by regulations of insurance companies, which means we can provide the care your child needs without being limited by red tape. And don’t worry – we’ll support you with the creation of a Super Bill and all the information you need to get reimbursement from the insurance company.

At Healing Synergy, we’re committed to helping your child thrive – and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Treatment Packages

Early Development (0-3)

For infants and toddlers who may be experiencing developmental delays or have other occupational therapy needs.

Sensory Solutions (0-12)

For children birth to 12 years old who have sensory processing, sensory motor, and emotional regulation issues that impact their daily life.

Feeding Concerns (All Ages)

For infants and children who have feeding difficulties due to sensory processing, oral motor, and emotional regulation issues.

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Occupational Therapy

Through a custom home program, we work with your sensory child in their natural setting to develop the confidence and skills to cope effectively and self-manage.

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Feeding Therapy

After a comprehensive evaluation, your child’s feeding therapist will design an individualized treatment plan to support their development towards eating and swallowing various tastes and textures.

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Physical Therapy

The goal of pediatric PT is to improve movement and gait patterns, reduce pain, restore function, recover from injury and prevent disability.

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We equip families with the tools to inspire confidence in their sensory children through customized play-based therapy.

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This is why we do what we do

"Kavitha is a patient, caring, committed and honest therapist with lots of knowledge who will work hard to help your child accomplish their goals! She worked with my son for about 2 years and always greeted us with a smile, answered any questions and made the sessions fun and enjoyable for my boy."

Cristina Morillon

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Recognized by:
North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association (NCOTA) Pediatric Award- 2020
North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association Pediatric Award
Awarded: 2020
Certificate of Appreciation-Clinician-Research Mentor for MSOT Students (Winston Salem State Uni) 2020
Certificate of Appreciation - Clinician-Research Mentor for MSOT Students
Awarded: 2020
Occupational Therapist Registered OTR
Awarded: 2017
Recipient of Beatrice D. Wade Award for Clinical Education (Uni of Illinois-Chicago) 2011
Beatrice D. Wade Award for Clinical Education
Awarded: 2011
Caroline Goss Thompson Wisconsin Distinguished Scholar (Uni of Wisconsin-Madison) 2006-2007
Caroline Goss Thompson Wisconsin Distinguished Scholar
Awarded: 2006-2007
American Association of University Women, International Fellowship 2003-2004
American Association of University Women, International Fellowship
Awarded: 2003-2004

Progress Checks

Our periodic 30 min progress check ins provide quantitative data on your child’s progress towards goals and give us a chance to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept my insurance?

We’re excited to work with your family! We accept the following insurance providers:

  • Tricare
  • BCBS Insurance
  • Medicaid (WellCare, Carolina Complete Health and BCBS Healthy Blue)
  • Cigna
  • NC Education Saving Account (ESA)/Disabilities Grant (DGrants) Program

We also provide help with completing paperwork for out-of-network providers.

Do you offer special financing or funding?

Yes, we are a SA/D grant provider, will work with our patients and their family to submit a super-bill directly to your insurance provider and we have several financing options available. Please email us directly at admin@healingsynergyllc.com for further information.

Why do you use play therapy?

Play is an integral part of your child’s development. Through play, kids learn to communicate, manage their emotions, gain valuable sensory input, and learn to make sense of the world around them.

After a thorough evaluation, your child’s occupational therapist will set therapeutic goals, decide on what limits may be necessary, and formulate an action plan for how to proceed with treatment.

We can learn a lot from how your child interacts with different toys. Your child may use play to act out fears and anxieties, as a coping mechanism, or to problem-solve. We’ll use our observations as a guidepost to inform every phase of your child’s treatment.

We know every child is unique, it’s why we tailor our therapy programs around your child’s individual needs. As therapy progresses, goals are usually reassessed and adjusted as necessary.

What is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy?

Occupational therapy centers on developing your child’s ability to complete activities of daily living, while physical therapy focuses on improving their ability to perform movement. What makes occupational therapy unique is that occupational therapists treat the whole child – not just one issue.